“I had a lovely organic and passionate massage with Yorah. Efficient, fluent and extensive, hitting all the spots! Fully recommended. By organic I mean that it didn’t feel like Yorah was just going through the motions but she worked on with the feedback from my body. It was a living massage! And by passionate I mean that I was feeling that Yorah believed in each stroke. She really packed in a lot of useful strokes, motions and techniques taking full advantage of the time available.”
Helen Reavill
Eigenaar Yoga Rocks, Triopetra Crete.
December, 2013.

Helen heeft een massage van Yorah gehad in december 2013 tijdens een bezoek aan Amsterdam. Yorah is gevraagd door Yoga Rocks Crete om massages te verzorgen voor deelnemers van yoga retreats aldaar.